One of the more dynamic and inspirational preachers in Central Florida, Pastor Michael Burrell wears his spirituality openly and proudly.  Through life’s ever changing issues, his civilian job, and family situations like any other family, his faith is the center piece of his life.  He would be the first to tell you, “keep God first and all things else will fall into place”.  But that was not always the case. Though his journey towards becoming a remarkable man of god started a long time ago, it took him awhile to cultivate that personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pastor Michael Burrell was born in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies.  Born to Phillip Burrell and Claudette Euton, he was the first of 13 children.  In true West Indian fashion, he grew up in church.  His parents took him to church every Sunday.  They emphasized the importance of prayer.  But like most boys on the island, while still keeping God first, soccer and cricket started to make inroads into that commitment.  So he prayed because he knew he should, but the real personal relationship with Christ was not there until few years later and a move to New York.

In 1993 he met Ms. Audrey Williams, and in 1997 they were married.  Not only was she now Mrs. Audrey Burrell, but she also became his spiritual partner, his confidant, and his best friend.  God showed them favor and blessed them with three beautiful children, Tiffany, Tanisha and Tiara Burrell. As a young man living in Brooklyn New York, Pastor Burrell re-focused and re-dedicated his life to Christ.  In 1999 he had a water baptism, July, 2000 he was baptized in the Holy Spirit, called into the ministry, and in July 2004 he was ordain as an Evangelist.

Pastor Burrell moved his family to Florida by the leading of the Holy Spirit in 2004, and continued his work for God.  He affiliated himself with one church, but did a lot of evangelical work.  Going to various churches and spreading the Word of God became a joy for him.  But God spoke to him again, this time saying, I want you to be a Shepherd….a leader of my people as were many leaders in the bible.  But that was not his only task.  God also said to him, I want you to go out there and bring the lost into the Kingdom of God.  So then Evangelist Burrell, took up the mantle, by starting God’s ministry in May, 2007.  But as the disciples had Jesus to mold them, God also placed a spiritual father in Pastor Burrell life, Bishop Malcolm Folkes his overseer who ordain him as Pastor in August 2007.  And with his spiritual advice, and counsel, the Lord continued to bless Faith Temple Trinity Ministry, and it is still standing strong. There is a great Anointing upon Pastor Burrell’s life and also upon is his Ministry.

Faith Temple Trinity Ministry is a Bible believing church.  It is located at 415 Columbia Ct, Kissimmee Fl 34759.  And every Sunday you can find this Anointed Man of God right there doing God’s work.

For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south
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